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These are formal publications of RED`s research work published as books,book chapters, and journal articles. To view the full text version of these documents you will need adobe reader. To download this for free,please click here.

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Acceptability of Fortified Rice byParticipants of Government Social SafetyNet Programmes
Barnali Chakraborty and Fahmida Akter
August - 2014
A study was conducted by BRAC-RED in partnership with WFP to determine the participants’ perception about the pushti chal in relation to its taste and appearance (such as colour, texture and smell). The specific objectives of the study are to: assess the acceptability of fortified rice with a sample of participants enrolled in food based social safety nets;.......................................
New Publication
Impact Assessment of Credit Programme for the Tenant Farmers: Baseline Report 2012
Mahabub Hossain, WMH Jaim, MA Malek, Marup Hossain, Nusrat Abedin Jimi, Kazi Tanvir Mahmud, Abu Ahsan, Barnali Chakraborty, Md. Shakil Ahmed, Md. Hasib Reza, Taheya Tarannum, ANM Mahfuzur Rahman,Naray
June - 2014
The purpose of this report is to describe what the baseline results reveal about
tenant farmers in Bangladesh. The report highlights the similarities and differences between BCUP clients (treatment groups) and non-client tenant farmers (control groups). The baseline data also provide extensive information on the socioeconomic profile of tenant farmers and elucidates the context in which the tenant farmers and small holders operate their agricultural livelihoods...............
Life and Livelihood of the Ultra Poor in Rural Bangladesh Baseline Findings of CFPR-TUP Programme Phase III
CFPR Research Team (RED)
April - 2014
This book contains a detailed analysis of the of the baseline profile of both programme participants and non-participants (as a comparison group) of the third phase of the CFPR-TUP programme. In Particular, the following broad areas of the survey respondents' lives and livelihood are covered in this book- demography and education, asset base, food consumption and food security. health and nutrition, vulnerability, employment and income.
New Publication
Exploring the Marginalized: A study in some selected upazilas of Sylhet division in Bangladesh
Samir Ranjan Nath
June - 2013
In spite of overall development during the past four decades, Bangladesh also
experienced marginalization and social exclusion. Inequality in social and economic outcomes exists among the geographic regions and small ethnic groups, and various socio-occupational sub-groups. BRAC, a national Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Bangladesh, aims to alleviate poverty through empowering people. It works in those areas where social exclusion is high and the people are deprived of various opportunities for development. Recently, BRAC decided to scale up various development interventions in the marginalized upazilas of Sylhet division, which showed poor performance in various social outcomes, to achieve MDG targets.
Rice Biodiversity in Bangladesh: Adoption, Diffusion and Disappearance of Varieties A Statistical Report from Farm Survey in 2005
Mahabub Hossain, WMH Jaim, M Shamsul Alam, ANM Mahfuzur Rahman
April - 2013
The purpose of this statistical report is to keep a record of rice varieties for the future use. A repeat survey using the same methodology at a later date would be able to use this benchmark data to assess further erosion of rice biodiversity, the time of pattern of acceptance and drop-out of further improved varieties, regions lagging behind in terms of improved varieties, the changes in use of irrigation and fertilizer, the pattern of seed replacement, etc. The unpublished primary data were further analyzed at RED, BRAC for preparing this statistical report.
Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health in Northern Districts of Rural Bangladesh
Md. Mahfuz Al Mamun, Masuma Billah, Sabuj Kanti Mistry, Peter Nicholls, Brendan Dineen and Hashima-E-Nasreen
June - 2012
In late 2008, BRAC initiated a comprehensive five-year maternal neonatal and child health (MNCH) programme named Improving maternal, neonatal and child survival (IMNCS) to promote maternal, neonatal and child health in three selected northern districts of Bangladesh - Rangpur, Gaibandha and Mymensingh.The baseline survey was carried out in 2008. The survey of 2010 considered as midline for the older districtsand baseline for the new districts.. This report compares baseline (2008) and follow-up data (2010) to record the benchmark changes made in various aspects of MNCH as a result of BRAC-IMNCS programme in four intervention and two control districts in northern part of Bangladesh.
BRAC Research and Evaluation Division - Researchers and Research Activities
Issue - April 2012  May - 2012
This brochure aims to inform the interested researchers, policy-makers, donors, and other individuals/groups about current and past research activities of RED along with academic qualifications of the researchers currently working in nine different research units of RED......
Old age livelihood planning of Sex Workers (SW): Bangladesh Experience
Masuma Billah
January - 2011
LAMBERT Publishing
This study explore to give a picture of their economic and social status, their resource management capability and about their planning for old age livelihood...
Status of Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of Southern Bangladesh: A Population-based Survey
Nepal C Dey
Vol - 1   December - 2010
Environmental Science and Technology 2010
This study tries to explores the status of arsenic contamination in tubewell water in southern Bangladesh...
Women Role in Managing Household Water in Rural Bangladesh
Nepal C Dey and AKM Masud Rana
December - 2010
Environmental Science and Technology 2010
The study tries to explore women’s role in managing household water i.e. collecting water and maintaining cleanliness of the tubewells in rural Bangladesh...
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