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March 03, 2005

The Project PHILL - Primary Health-Care in Later Life: improving services in Bangladesh and Vietnam - aims to identify low-cost, preventive and health promotion interventions, to improve primary health-care (PHC) for older persons (60 years and older) in rural communities of Bangladesh and Vietnam by:

- involving the primary health-care infrastructures, and...
- with active participation of the family and community.

The PHILL research group (Brac, Bangladesh; Health Strategy and Policy Institutet, Vietnam; Karolinska Institute, Sweden; and University of East Anglia, United Kingdom) is organizing an International Conference on "Mainstreaming Ageing Issues in Health Systems and Rural Development", and a special symposium hosted by Karolinska Institute, Sweden on "The Ageing Brain: Use it or Lose it" during Novermber 28-30, 2005 in Hotel Sheraton, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

For programme and other details, click here.

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