Research Report
Current State of the Model Shasthya Shebikas of BRAC: A Quick Exploration of the ‘Pilot Project for SS Sustainability’
February 29, 2012

Antora Mahmud Khan and Syed Masud Ahmed

The Essential Health Care (EHC) services of BRAC evolved over time from its experiences of working with the poor for improving their health and well-being. It provides the building blocks with which the larger BRAC Health Programme (BHP) is built, and contributes to the mitigation of income-erosion effect of illness and vulnerability of the poor households.The nucleus of BRAC’s EHC is the Shasthya Shebika (SS) who are the front-line workers of BHP. Currently, BHP has about 80,000 SS actively providing service to >90 million people. BHP has initiated a pilot experiment to develop an improved cadre of SS (model SS) from the existing shebikas, based on their performance throughout the year. The pilot project has been running for more than four months (as of Nov. 2010). BHP is thinking of scaling up the pilot in additional areas. Before expansion, it is imperative to understand how the current model SSs are doing, whether the project is in the process of achieving its stated objectives, the perception of the clients/consumers regarding the model SSs and their shops, and the perception of the supervisors about the activities of the model SSs. The proposed study aims to document the process of the activities of the model SSs and build knowledge base for informed decision-making by the programme practitioners....


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