Research Report
Process Assessment of a Training Course on Organizational Preparedness Integrating Community for Disaster Risk Reduction
Tahera Akter
February 01, 2012


Lack of awareness and coordination among the community about climate change, and its impact on environment and human lives make them more susceptible to natural disasters. Considering the dire needs, DECC programme of BRAC has taken an initiative to enhance the knowledge and skill among the community for disaster risk reduction (DRR). One of its aims is to strengthen institutional capacity for disaster management. BRAC-DECC has started a four-day training course on DRR among its field level staff all over the country. This study was undertaken to document the process of training and classroom performance of trainers and participants. Direct observation of four-day training session was conducted using a semi-structured checklist. Training and Resource Centre (TARC) in Uttara, Dhaka was purposively chosen for the study considering the operational conveniences. The findings revealed that the participants from different background accepted and understood diverse concepts/topics related to disasters. The training methods made them confident and enthusiastic to face emergency situation. According to most participants, few Bangla words were difficult to understand as those were not locally used. The participants found simulation of SOP interesting, but it took time to understand role of each staff while executing the simulation, as they were instructed at the same time or little earlier. Areas requiring further improvement are removal of bookish words which are difficult to understand, informing the participants beforehand to ensure their presence in time, and presence of two facilitators to manage the training session.


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