Assessing the Teacher Training Programme of SAB in Afghanistan

The government of Afghanistan decided in 2003 that a total of 70,000 Afghan school teachers would receive in-service training. Since then, several international organizations have become seriously active in providing training to teachers to improve the standard of basic education of Afghan children. Solidarité Afghanistan Belgium (SAB) has been providing both in-service and pre-service training to Afghan teachers to achieve this goal by up-grading their competencies and developing teaching materials. Over the years, SAB has trained nearly 12,815 primary school teachers. While SAB has been contributing in training school teachers of Afghanistan for many years, no assessment of this programme has been undertaken.

The broad objective of this study was to assess the Teacher Training Programme of SAB in Afghanistan. The specific objectives were to understand the knowledge and skills of SAB trainers, review the training process, identify challenges in conducting training, identify the needs and expectations of the trainers, assess the quality and performance of SAB trainers and provide suggestions for improvement, if needed. A combination of approaches was used to gather information for this assessment. These were workshop with SAB trainers, classroom observation and interviews with the participants.

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  • Writer Name: Abdullahel Hadi, Mannan Majumdar
  • Published Date: Friday, 11 November 2005
  • Country: Bangladesh