Knowledge and Behaviour of Drivers and Pedestrians on Road Safety: A Baseline Survey

The existing literature shows that the main reasons behind the accidents are the ignorance of drivers and pedestrians on different road safety rules and violation of these rules. Therefore, this study aims to measure the knowledge of pedestrians, and drivers, and their behaviour of road use. The data were collected through survey and observation method from pedestrians including female, students, and shopkeepers, and drivers of different vehicles of the Eastern part of Bangladesh. Findings show that the pedestrians and drivers did not have much knowledge about the traffic rules. Pedestrian were not aware of rules of walking along and crossing road. Both drivers and pedestrians were ignorant about the meaning of signs and symbols placed on the road. On the other hand, same as drivers, pedestrians did not abide by traffic rules properly despite having little knowledge on few issues. As they had less knowledge and tendency of ignoring the traffic rules thus results an accident. So, the pedestrians and drivers should be more aware of traffic rules and regulations for road safety, and the enforcement of traffic laws must strictly be ensured at the same time.

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  • Writer Name: Md. Abdul Alim, Ahmed Tareq Rashid, Ashrafuzzaman Khan
  • Published Date: Wednesday, 12 July 2006
  • Country: Bangladesh