Nutritional Situation and Related Factors in MNCH Project Area at Baseline

Objective of this survey was to establish a baseline nutritional profile to assess the impact of the MNCH programme interventions at the end of the project duration. Nutritional status and related factors were assessed using different indicators - anthropometric status of under-5 children, adolescent girls and adult women (non-pregnant aged 20-49 years), household food security, intra-householdfood distribution, knowledge of women on micronutrient and food during pregnancy and lactation. Data were collected from 1,113 programme and 803 control households. Mean height, weight and MUAC of under-five children was similar in the programme and control households. More than half and one-third of children were underweight and stunted respectively both in programme and control households. Mean weight, BMI and MUAC was comparable between both groups of adolescent girls. No significant difference was observed in height, weight, MUAC and BMI of non-pregnant women between programme and control households. More than one-third women of both households were suffering from chronic energy deficiency.

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  • Writer Name: Farhana Haseen
  • Published Date: Friday, 01 December 2006
  • Country: Bangladesh