Issue 42 Livelihoods in Depressed Basins of Bangladesh: A Case Study of Derai and Baniachang, Sylhet

Executive Summary

In recent decades, Bangladesh rural economy has made significant progress through
technological progress in agriculture, development of infrastructure, and
advancement of the rural non-farm economy (Hossain and Bayes 2009). Substantial
reduction in fertility (BDHS 2015) has contributed to reduction in the number of
dependants per working members, an increase in school participation of children,
reduction in child and infant mortality, increased employment in rural transport, trade
and construction activities. All of this has contributed to increased incomes and
reduction of poverty (BBS 2011)..........

Related information

  • Writer Name: AMR Chowdhury, RK Choudhury, Samir Nath, M Ahmed, M Alam (eds)
  • Published Date: Monday, 14 September 2015
  • Country: Bangladesh