Issue 39 Changes in Knowledge and Attitudes of School Girls Towards Sexual Harassment and its Incidence: an Impact Assessment of the MEJNIN Programme

Abstract :

Gender Justice and Diversity unit of BRAC had a project on sensitizing young people especially girls and community people about sexual harassment in selected areas in Dhaka city in 2011 so that they might act as an individual and collective change maker and protect, protest and resist such incidence. This study aimed to look into the changes in knowledge and attitudes of those school girls regarding sexual harassment and the changes in reporting rate about the issue as mentioned. Findings show that most of the girls in the intervention areas had better knowledge and appropriate attitudes about sexual harassment compared to the girls in control area. Besides, the reporting rate of the incidence of harassment in the project area was reported much higher compared to the area where there was no project. Different measures were suggested by the girls to combat sexual harassment at school, on the way to school, at home, at workplace and at other places.

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  • Writer Name: Md. Abdul Alim
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 27 August 2013
  • Country: Bangladesh