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Assessment of Existing Improved Cook Stove in Bangladesh

There are different models of Improved Cook Stove (ICS) being used in Bangladesh. This study attempted to know which type of ICS people accepted more. Specific objectives were to know i. what fuels are being used in improved cook stove; ii. what types of ICS are being used and preferred; iii. the satisfaction level of the users of ICS; and iv. select some models of ICS that will be recommended for further experimentation. Local partner NGOs of VERC and Practical Action were selected for this study. Data collection was done by interview, informal discussion and observation using structured questionnaire and checklist. A team consists of three researchers conducted the survey in July-August 2006. Study found that, basically the sampled households used two types of ICSs. These were fixed and portable ICS. About 56% of the households used fixed typed ICS, majority of which were without grate. Fifty-four percent of the users were completely satisfied with ICS. There are some limitations of using ICSs mentioned by the respondents. However, majority of the users mentioned some advantages of ICS that include creating less smoke in the kitchen, less time to cook, saving energy (fuel), etc. Fifty-six percent of the households used traditional cook stoves in addition to ICSs. A number of reasons behind using traditional cook stoves they mentioned which include feeling comfortable, fuel easily available, cheaper to use, meeting seasonal demands etc. However, majority of them said that they were habituated and felt comfortable in using traditional cook stove in addition to ICS. Study shows that 24% of the households faced problems related to fuels such as: cost of firewood, availability, smoke especially in the rainy season etc. However, all of the households were agreed to use ICS continuously. Among them seventy-three percent were agreed to pay for new ICS. Most of them opined to pay within the range of Tk. 50-100 for new ICS. It is quite clear from this study that any fixed type of ICS would not be suitable for all areas and households. Selection of appropriate and popular ICS depends largely on availability of fuels, energy savings, and reduction in smoke emission. However, an effective laboratory test of selected ICS models is needed to find out the appropriate one that may be replicated countrywide after successful pilot intervention.

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  • Writer Name: MA Quaiyum Sarkar, Nasima Akter, Mizanur Rahman
  • Published Date: Sunday, 24 December 2006
  • Country: Bangladesh