Medical Waste Management Training Manual (in Bangla)

The objective of this vernacular training module on medical waste management (MWM) was to provide training to the healthcare service providers i.e. doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians, waste handlers, cleaners, municipal staff related to medical waste collection and disposal, healthcare personnel, officials and professionals of government and non-government organizations who are providing services in the health sector.

The module was prepared and finalized based on MWM manual, focus group discussion, workshop and training conducted at Rajshahi City Corporation area. This module was prepared during July − October 2005 for a day-long training course. However, considering the different level of participants course duration could be extended for more then two or three days. The main topics covered in the module are a) concept of medical waste/hospital waste; b) classification; c) risk related with medical waste; d) existing situation of MWM in Bangladesh; and e) appropriate MWM. This module was used during the training to develop a 15-member core trainer group.

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  • Writer Name: Mizanur Rahman, Ruhul Islam Khan, Nasima Akter,
  • Published Date: Monday, 12 December 2005
  • Country: Bangladesh