Utpal Mallick

Utpal Mallick is a Research Associate at RED. He has practical knowledge on educational research tools and techniques, planning and managing education programmes, and disability right based approaches. He also has the opportunity to mobilize community and to building their capacities through partnerships, training and networking. Competent in preparing implementation guideline, training module, leaflet, poster, flipchart, calendar, success story, and newsletter on various issues including disability and education. He also has proven skills in quality narrative and data based report writing with minimum supervision.






Personal data

Name : Utpal Mallick

Address : House- 05, Road- 12, Kallyanpur, Dhaka 1216

Telephone : +88 02 988 12 65 (Ext. 3726) Cell: +88 01712 43 21 17

E-mail address : mallick.ut[at]brac.net

Nationality : Bangladeshi

Gender : Male



Masters in Public Affairs in Governance and Public Policy (2013), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Masters in Educational Leadership, Planning and Management (2011), BRAC University, Bangladesh

B.Sc. in Speech & Language Therapy (2009), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

H.S.C in Science (2002), Cantonment College, Jessore under Jessore Education Board, Bangladesh

S.S.C in Science (2000), Lakshmipasha Adarsha Biddyalaya, Lohagara, Narail under Jessore Education Board, Bangladesh


Work experiences

Date : November 2011 to present

Position : Research Associate

Employer : BRAC

Type of business : BRAC is the world’s largest NGO working for the empowerment of the poor and disadvantaged people with multifaceted development interventions in health, education, micro-finance, human rights, and legal services and so on.

Area of work : BRAC Education Program (BEP) aims to complement government’s initiative in providing education services in different areas like Non-formal Primary Education, Pre-primary Education, Education for Indigenous Children and for Children with Special Needs, Post Primary Basic and Continuing Education, Adolescent Development etc. All my assignments belong to conducting research and evaluation of BEP initiatives as necessitate.

Major responsibilities :

  1. Conducting research both independently and in a team.
  2. Developing questionnaire and preparing budget, logistics support, monitoring and quality control plans.
  3. Preparing training manual and train field staff.
  4. Spot checks of data collection to ascertain that the required data collection procedures are being followed. Identify any observed irregularities or concerns, and suggest appropriate remediation. Provide comments and recommendations for data collectors to inform future efforts.
  5. Reporting to the educational research unit on findings from the field.
  6. Managing and analyze computerized data files.
  7. Writing reports based on the data processed.
  8. Organizing meetings, seminars and workshops to disseminate research findings.
  9. Coordinating with BRAC programs as well as with other organizations as necessary.
  10. Coordinating with research partners outside Bangladesh.



Date : May 2011 - October 2011

Position : Assistant Program Officer (Education)

Employer : Research Initiatives, Bangladesh (RIB)

Type of business : RIB is a national development organization that supports research aimed at identifying strategies and programs that could ensure sustainable, progressive alleviation of poverty in Bangladesh.

Area of work : RIB has a community-sustained model called the “Kajoli Model”, whereby children of the most marginalized families in the villages up to five years old are able to go to an early childhood center where they are oriented towards study, through fun and games. RIB involved me in the overall management of the pre-school centers.

Major responsibilities :

  1. Working with the rural disadvantage groups to enhance their capacity.
  2. Managing and supervising different types of staff under education program.
  3. Assessing training needs and organizing and conducting a series of training and developing different training related module/materials etc.
  4. Maintaining records, files, reports, documents related to program.
  5. Assisting in the preparation of work plan and budget for ongoing school management.
  6. Analyzing monitoring report to take necessary action to develop school performance.
  7. Organizing and conducting different seminars, workshops, round table discussions.
  8. Liaising with development partners for possible funding for the model to continue.


Date : June 2009 - April 2011

Position : Intern (Paid)

Employer : Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP)

Type of business : CRP is a national NGO striving to improve the quality of life for the people with disabilities in Bangladesh. It provides treatment, rehabilitation and educational facilities to people with disabilities and advocates for the rights of them to ensure their integration into the mainstream society.

Area of work : I worked as an organizer of programs on disability issues and promoting self-help movement for persons with disabilities inside the country.

Major responsibilities :

  1. Providing therapeutic interventions to both children and adults with problems in communication.
  2. Training parents, caregivers, special teachers and others involved in rehabilitation.
  3. Helping the management of the William Taylor Inclusive School of CRP.
  4. Coordinating with CRP Vocational Training Institute for their operations.
  5. Development of capacity within the team through in-service training.
  6. Public awareness on cross cultural issues relating to disability.
  7. Conducting workshops, seminars and training for different target groups.
  8. Producing brochures, leaflets, case studies to sensitize disability issues.



List of publications


Journal articles

  1. Mallick, U. and Seesh, S. K. (2013). Perspectives of the students and parents about mainstreaming education for the children with special needs in Bangladesh. Asian Journal of Inclusive Education, 1(1).


RED Research reports and working papers

  1. Rahman, A., Mehrin, N., Salma, U., and Mallick, U. (2014). Listening to the stories of the survivors of the rana plaza tragedy. BRAC Research Publication.
  2. Mallick, U. (2014). Social obstacles of primary school enrolment in the hard to reach areas. BRAC Research Publication.
  3. Nath, S. R., Himi, S. A., Mallick, U., Nahid, D., and Jahan, I. (2013). An assessment of BRAC pre-primary schools environment. BRAC Research Publication.