Umme Salma Mukta

Umme Salma Mukta is a Research Associate at RED since in 2008. She has ability to work under pressure and multicultural environment by individually as well as a team .She also has strong background in Anthropological and Public Health research design, sampling strategy, research tools and technique development, training of interviewers, qualitative and quantitative analysis of data, report writing and seminar presentation at both national and international levels. Published research reports and has contributed in the peer reviewed journals, article and reports at home and abroad.



Personal data

Name : Umme Salma Mukta

Address : House-272/KA, Flat- Holy View (B5), West Agargaon, Dhaka 1207.

E-mail address :[at], salma.mukta[at],

Age : 32

Nationality : Bangladeshi

Gender : Female

Marital Status : Married




Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) (2012-13), American International University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Executive Master of Business Administration (Human Resources Management), (2007-09), Green University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

M.S.S in Anthropology 2005 (exam held in 2008), Jahangirnagar Universityof Bangladesh, Bangladesh

B.S.S (Hons.) in Anthropology 2004 (exam held in 2006), Jahangirnagar Universityof Bangladesh, Bangladesh

H.S.C in Business Studies (2000), institutions-Shahid Anwar Girl’s College, Dhaka, board-Dhaka, Bangladesh

S.S.C in Science (1998), institutions-Sher-E-Bangla Nagar Govt: Girls High School,board-Dhaka, Bangladesh


Work experiences

Date : 28 October, 2008 to present

Position : Research Associate

Employer : BRAC

Type of business : Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work : Research and Evaluation.

Major responsibilities : Conducting and Follow-up study of food security, IYCF, Nutrition, public health, etc within the Programme, Developing Research Proposal and preparing manuscript, Development of training material, technique, Questionnaire and other tools for mixed method study, Make literature search of relevant researches, Organizing work schedules, supervision and monitoring for field team coordination, training, Carrying out field work independently or jointly for collecting data, check data entry cleaning & processing of partners, Process and analyze data collected from field surveys for data analyze, Management of financial as well as other project related issues, Provide technical assistance to other researchers, Participate in organization of work within office and other offices, Report Writing and disseminate the study findings within workshops, seminar, conferences , etc.


List of publications (preferably in last 10 years)

Book/book chapters/ journal articles(International)

  1. Mukta US, Haque MR, Ahmed SM, (2012). Does monetary incentive work effectively to advance infant and young child feeding practices: a qualitative exploration in two alive and thrive upazilas in rural bangladesh. ©Ontario International Development Agency ISSN: 1923-6654 (print) ISSN 1923-6662 (online). Available at
  2. Hackett Kristy, Mukta US,Jalal CSB, Sellen Daniel, (2012).Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions on infant and young child nutrition and feeding among adolescent girls and young mothers in rural Bangladesh. Journal of Maternal & Child Nutrition. Manuscript ID MCN-04-12-OA-0694.R2


Book/book chapters/ journal articles (National)

  1. Mukta US, Gupta PKS, (2012).Role of Patients’ Compliance in the management of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: An Epidemiological Perspective. AIUB Journal. Bangladesh
  2. Mukta US, Human Resources Management and practices in NGO in Bangladesh, Green University of Bangladesh, 2008.
  3. Mukta US, An anthropological perspective on women’s human right in case of Abortion, 2007. Anthropology department of Jahangirnagar University.
  4. Mukta US, Abortion and its social perspective- an Anthropological perspective, 2006, Anthropology department of Jahangirnagar University.


RED Research reports and working papers

  1. Rahman A, Mehrin N, Mukta US, Mallick U, (2014) sufferings of the victims 0f rana plaza tragedy.brac red report.
  2. Mukta US, Chakroborti B, Sayka U, Mia Moslem Uddin, Haque R, (2013). Contributing factors for low consumption of animal food among the children aged 6-23 months in Alive and Thrive intervention areas.
  3. Mukta US, Chakroborti B, Sayka U, Mia Moslem Uddin, Haque R, (2013). Making the use of cell phone more effective for IYCF (Infant and Young Child Feeding) promotion. BRAC RED report.
  4. Chakroborti B, Mukta US, Islam Nazmul, Sayka U, Mia Moslem Uddin, (2013). USAID Horticulture Project-CIP/AVRDC Bangladesh


Baseline Study. Research and Evaluation Division, BRAC.

  1. Chakroborti B, Mukta US, Majumder MSI, Karim MR, (2012). Acceptability of rice fortified with multiple micronutrients in a school meals program. A comparison between non-fortified rice and (two) different fortified rice products. BRAC RED report.
  2. Islam QS, Chowdhury AS, Mukta US, Roy S, Majumder MSI, Haque MR, (2011). Performance incentives to the Shasthya Sebikas for facilitating IYCF practices among rural women: benchmarking baseline status 1½ years after programme implementation in two ‘Alive and Thrive’ BRAC RED report.
  3. Mukta US, Haque MR, (2011). How effective was the ‘incentive package’ piloted in Shahjahanpur, Bogra under ‘Alive and Thrive’ programme: A qualitative assessment. BRAC RED report.
  4. Mukta US, Haque MR, (2011). Does monetary incentive work to improve IYCF knowledge and practices: a qualitative exploration in two Alive and Thrive upazilas in Nokhali. BRAC RED report.
  5. Mukta US, Dissemination of information on IYCF towards target people over cell phone: How does it affect, 2010. Report for BRAC health programme.
  6. Mukta US, Hasan MA. (2010).Anthropometry, Dietary and Depression Assessment of BRAC Aarong and Ayesha Abed Foundation’s worker in Bangladesh. Report for BRAC enterprise programme.
  7. Mukta US, Hasan MA. (2010).Validating a revisited food security measurement tool used in Food Security and Nutrition Surveillance Project. Report for BRAC Nutrition programme
  8. Ara Gulshan, Mukta US, Afroz Sabia. Assessment of IYCF training of BRAC’S frontline health workers, 2010. BRAC-RED.
  9. Chowdhury AS, Mukta US, Jalal CSB. Perception of formal and informal health care providers on infant and young child feeding practices (IYCF) in rural Bangladesh, 2009. BRAC-RED.