Syeda Sitwat Shahed

Syeda Sitwat Shahed is a Research Associate at RED. She has started to work in RED, BRAC after completing her Masters from Dhaka University in 2011. She has economics background with strong interest in quantitative research led her to focus in assessing the impact of development programmes in BRAC. During her short work experience at RED she has contributed time in planning, designing, implementing and coordinating social research, analysed both qualitative and quantitative data, written up report for internal as well as external publication. During her Master’s abroad, she has also presented her original work for a journal publication (work in progress) in conference of “Australian Conference for Economists”.




Personal data

Name: Syeda Sitwat Shahed

Address: BRAC Centre, 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

E-mail address:[at]

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Gender: Female




Masters in Economics   (2014), Australian National University, Australia

M.SS. in Economics(2011), University of Dhaka,Dhaka, Bangladesh

B.S.S in Economics(2010), University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh

H.S.C in Humanities (2005), Holy Cross College,Dhaka, Bangladesh

S.S.C in Humanities(2003), Holy Cross School, Dhaka, Bangladesh



Work experiences

Date: April, 2011- present

Position: Research Associate

Employer: BRAC

Type of business: Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work: Research and evaluation in development economics

Major responsibilities: Design research framework, plan survey, implement and coordinate data     collection, compile and analyze qualitative and qualitative data to evaluate programmesand prepare evaluation reports, develop research hypothesis for external publication.