Sabuj Kanti Mistry

Sabuj Kanti Mistry is a Senior Research Associate at RED. As an independent public health researcher, he holds significant expertise in implementation of community focused health, nutrition and WASH related researches. He has the ability to encounter the life cycle of a research project with sound research designing, sampling, tools development, data collection, analysis and report writing. He has also published research reports and articles for international journals and also attended number of local and international seminars/conferences to disseminate research findings.


Personal data

Name : Sabuj Kanti Mistry

Address : B.C.S. Academy Quarter, Titas-4, Nilkhet, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh

Telephone : +88 02 9881265 (Ext. 3721)

E-mail address :[at]

Nationality : Bangladeshi

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Single



M.Sc. in Public Health (2013), University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

M.Sc. in Nutrition and Food Science (2009), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Nutrition and Food Science (2008), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

H.S.C in Science (2000), Dhaka College, Dhaka Board, Bangladesh

S.S.C in Science (1998), Dhaka Residential Model College, Dhaka Board, Bangladesh


Work experiences

Date : Sep. 2010- present

Position : Senior Research Associate

Employer : BRAC

Type of business : Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work : Research and evaluation in health, nutrition and WASH

Major responsibilities : Conceptualize, plan and conducting research on health, nutrition andWASH issues;health promotion through dissemination of health information in different national and international level seminars and workshops; dissemination of health information through a wide range of publications in different journals, newspapers and so on; generate new strategic information for policymakers to address health inequalities and toprotect and promote health of mass people.


Date : Sep. 2009- Aug. 2010

Position : Young Professional

Employer : BRAC

Type of business : Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work : Public Health

Major responsibilities : Making the people aware of different health issues through door to door visit, campaign, rally and community meetings; disseminate information on available governmental and non-governmental health services for the local community; distribute leaflets, posters and other audio-visual aids to disseminate health information in the local community; informing the high level management of BRAC about the challenges and opportunities of program implementation.


List of publications


Book/book chapters/ journal articles

1. Nasreen HE, Leppard M, Mamun MA, Billah M, Mistry SK, Rahman MM, Nicholls P (2012) Men’s knowledge and awareness of maternal, neonatal and child health care in rural Bangladesh: a comparative cross sectional study. Reproductive Health 9:18.


RED Research reports and working papers

1. Mamun MA, Billah M, Mistry SK, Nicholls P, Dineen B and Nasreen HE (2012) Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health in Northern Districts of Rural Bangladesh – profiling the changes during 2008-2010. Dhaka: BRAC and Ipact. 108p.