Mohammad Safayet Khan

Mohammad Safayet Khan has been working as Staff Researcher at the Impact Assessment Unit (IAU) of the BRAC Research and Evaluation Division, since 2014. Before joining in this position, Safayet worked as Sector Specialist at the BRAC Education Programme. Prior to joining in BRAC Safayet worked as a co-investigator at the Institute of Gene Ecology of the University of Tromso. He also received training on optimal control and optimization technique from the National Institute of Mathematical and Biological Synthesis at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Safayet’s research is varied and stimulating. He has prior research experience in the field of GIS, water resource management, fisheries and bioethics. After moving from the natural resource management field to the development field he has been mainly engaged with research related to education. His current research interest includes educational assessment and measurement. In his academic and research career Safayet was awarded with several scholarships and grants of which the most recent one was the AusAID scholarship. 


Personal data

Name: Mohammad Safayet Khan

Address: Research and Evaluation Division (RED); BRAC Centre (15’Th Floor)

75 Mohakhali, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Telephone: 880-2) 9881265 (Ext. 5453)

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Gender: Male

Marital Status : Married



  1. MEd. in Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation (2013), University of Western Australia, Australia
  2. MSc. in International Fisheries Management (2008), University of Tromso, Norway
  3. MS. in Zoology with specialization in Fisheries (2007), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  4. BSc. (Honours) in Zoology with specialization in Fisheries(2005), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Work experiences

Date: January 2014- present

Position: Staff Researcher

Employer: BRAC

Type of business: Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work: Impact Assessment

Major responsibilities: Using experimental and quasi-experimental method in Impact evaluation of

different development programmes


Date: August 2008- December 2011

Position: Sector Specialist

Employer: BRAC Education Programme (BEP)

Type of business: Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work: Adolescent Development

Major responsibilities: Proposal development concerning Result Based Management approach,

report writing, communication




  1. Impact Assessment of Adolescent Peer Organised Network on attitudes and behaviour change of adolescents in rural Bangladesh (2013). Master’s thesis, University of Western Australia,
  2. Antibiotic resistance problem in Aquaculture: The role of Com gene products in DNA uptake as a nutrient source for bacteria(2008). Master’s Thesis, University of Tromso,
  3. Studies on the Teesta River to Develop the Ecotope Model for Aquatic Resources Management(2006).Master’s Thesis, University of Dhaka,
  4. Naser, M. N., M. S. Khan and M. R. Ali. (2006). Report on Hilsa Migration. LAP, RAP and EMP for Padma Bridge Project. Bangladesh Consultant Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  5. Assessment of Aquatic Area of Gulshan Lakes in Two Time Interval (B.Sc. Honors Research Project, 2005).
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  7. Khan, M. S., M. N. Naser, M. A. Shahid(2005). Assessment of Aquatic Area and Fish Production of Gulshan Lakes in Two Time Interval. Fifteenth Nat. Zool. Conf. 2-3 Dec. 2005, Dhaka, Bangladesh. P. 55.
  8. Mohsin, S. M., M. N. Naser, M. S. Khan, Q. N. Akter and M. Yesmin(2005). Present Status and Some Management Aspects of Some Selected Haors of Sunamgonj District, Bangladesh. Fifteenth Nat. Zool. Conf. 2-3 Dec. 2005, Dhaka, Bangladesh. P. 54.
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