Impact assesment: International Development Project

This report investigates the loss of perishable vegetables at different stakeholder levels in the supply chain in different geographical regions of Bangladesh, rural, semi-urban and urban. The study goes further by investigating the potential value added through cold storage facilities and the effect its introduction may have on different stakeholder relationships. The study then addresses the potential of utilising solar energy to facilitate the introduction of cold storage facilities. The use of solar energy was investigated as it was identified as a potential solution to current energy limitations in Bangladesh. The study was qualitative in nature and used standard data collection techniques - in depth interviews (IDIs), key informant interviews (KIIs), focus group discussions (FGDs) and direct observations. The study concludes that perishable vegetable loss occurs due to diverse but interlinked reasons that include different stakeholders and varies based on geographical location. Even though vegetables loss at every point of the supply chain, the perceived value of cold storage solution was conversely found to be low.

Stakeholder relationships were found to be a factor that requires due consideration prior to any sort of intervention and farmers were identified as a particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable stakeholder group. In this situation, the potential of utilising cold storage facilities at the farmer or at the arathdar level was nonetheless found to be a viable solution. Finally, solar panels for commercial agricultural practices were found to be neither economically nor technically feasible for smallholder practices. However, the practice might change in the future due to a number of factors that include increase in efficiency, decrease in solar cell price and change in government policy.

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  • Writer Name: Fathema Zhura Khatoon, Zainu Sadia Islam, Fakir Md Yunus, Md Azhar Uddin, Marziana Mahfuz Nandita, Sophia Broos, Jan de Haan, Bas Jongerius, Bart Jan Sonneveld, Tristan Wesenhagen
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 01 September 2015
  • Country: Bangladesh