Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins Andrew Jenkins

Andrew Jenkins is a Unit Coordinator, Impact Assessment Unit of RED. His research interests include Knowledge Management; Capacity Development; Training and Human Resource Development; Land Settlement and Governance; Monitoring and Evaluation; Impact Assessment; Institutional Development; Project Management; Rural/Community Development; Rural Sociology; Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control Engineering and Management; Water Supply and Sanitation.



Personal Information

Name : Andrew Jenkins
Telephone : Cell: 01715 007244
E-mail address :[at]

Nationality : British
Gender : Male
Marital Status : Married



M.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering (Land and Water Use), 1982, Cranfield University
B.A. (Hons.) in Politics (1973), University of Leeds, United Kingdom
‘A’ Levels in English, French, History (1968), UK, ‘O’ Levels (1961), UK


Work experiences

2009-date BRAC, Bangladesh: Donor Liaison Officer; Coordinator, Impact Assessment Unit, Research and Evaluation Division; Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation course, MPH, James P Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University.

2004-2009 Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management Programme (Government of the Netherlands/Government of Bangladesh) Team Leader, responsible for all aspects of project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, with special emphasis on making operational the new institutional framework of the National Water Management Policy.

2006-2012 Short-term consultant/mentor on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Systems (PMES) and Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Systems with several NPAs in Laos, Cambodia and Burma, on behalf of Oxfam Novib; evaluations of PADETC and GDG.

1997-2003 Khulna-Jessore Drainage Rehabilitation Project (GoB/ADB) Team Leader, (Beneficiary Participation Component) responsible for community participation in water management governance, project design and implementation.

1990-96 Programme of Rural Development Micro-projects in Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR (GoL/EC), Joint Project Director, responsible for all aspects of project management and rural development, including the establishment of an appropriate local institutional framework and a monitoring and evaluation system.

1989 Kharlands Development Project, Maharashstra, India (GoI/GoN/EC), Rural Sociologist responsible for planning and implementation of the establishment of appropriate community institutions for effective water management and governance.

1982-88 Land Reclamation Project, Bangladesh (GoB/GoN), Land Reclamation Specialist/Field Engineer, then Team Leader, responsible for institutional, technical, agricultural and social aspects of land reclamation and settlement in SE Bangladesh. This successful pilot project led to a major change in land policy, governance and implementation in favour of the effective settlement and support of poor landless farmers and their families.

1980-82 Short missions for Netherlands and Swedish Governments to Bangladesh concerning development of landless farmers’ organisations, and land governance.

1977-79 Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC): Programme Administrator, working on establishment of training centres, urban resettlement (Dhaka), small-scale landless organisation and famine relief infrastructure, power structure research.

1975-77 Oxfam: Assistant Field Director, Bangladesh, supporting small scale local development projects.

1973-75 Third World First/Oxfam UK: coordinator of college/university development education programme.


List of publications

Andrew Jenkins, Anjan Kumar Dutta, Manzur Hasan and Khaja Zahurul Islam Khan (1980). The Net: Power Structure In Ten Villages. Rural Study Series 2, Dhaka: BRAC.

Peer-reviewed Journals
Smedema, L.K and Jenkins, A. Desalinisation of recently accreted coastal land in the eastern part of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. Agricultural Water Management Volume 13, Issue 1: 1988 pa 1-11.

De Heer, J.M. and Jenkins, A, Practices of Cross Cultural Collaboration in Sustainable Water Management in Bangladesh. International Journal of Business Anthropology, Volume 3(10: September 2011.

Aktar, B., Sarker, M and Jenkins, A. Exploring Adolescent Reproductive Health Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behavior, Among Students of Non-Government Secondary Schools Supported by BRAC Mentoring Program in Rural Bangladesh. Journal of Asian Midwives, Volume 1, Issue 1: 2014.

Chowdury, M., Jenkins, A. and Mahfuz, M. Measuring the effects of interventions in BRAC, and how this has driven ‘development’. Journal of Development Effectiveness. Published online: 28 Nov 2014.