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Altamas Pasha

Altamas Pasha is a Manager Knowledge Management at RED. He is exceptionally strong on editing and proofing of research reports, manuscripts, modernizing organizational brands, producing powerful print and online publications, and using innovation media. Excellent in developing communications materials, writing of website content, briefing material, presentations, media releases, briefing notes and articles. Contribute to the process of formulating research strategies and research related matters. Develop and maintain liaison with relevant organizations in the research field for the exchange of ideas and information. 


Personal data


Address: 75 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212

Telephone: 88 02 9881265 (Ext. 3727)

E-mail address:altamas.p[at]

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Gender: Male


Summary of professional skills/Overview


As a knowledge management specialist Altamas Pasha possess more than twenty one years’ of working experience with national and international development organizations in Bangladesh. Before joining Research and Evaluation Division (RED) of BRAC he worked in the Media and Communication Division of Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh(CCDB) for seven years and three years in Policy Research for Development Alternative as an Assistant Editor.

He also worked as Feature Editor and Special correspondent of The Daily Janakantha, The Daily Muktakantho, The Bangladesh Observer, The Monthly Computer Bichitra,and fortnightly Anannya. He has professional expertise in ICT media. He was the contributory Editor of monthly The Computing. He was also the Special Correspondent of monthly The Computer Bhuhan, The Computer and Electronic Journal, and The monthly Computer Jagat. He has obtained Masters in Psychology(Specialization in Counseling and Guidance) from the University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh.His writing interest includes women empowerment and information and communication technology, child rights issues and violence against women during war. He has published a good number of articles and features in different dailies, weeklies, and fortnight lies; he is also a science fiction writer of Bangladesh. His main hobbis include singing, recitation, stamp collection, and collection of rare books.



M.Sc. in Psychology, (Specialization in Counseling & Guidance), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Work experiences

Date: July 2004- present

Position: Manager Knowledge Management

Employer: BRAC

Type of business: Non-profit Development organization/NGO

Area of work: Knowledge Management


Major responsibilities:


  • Editing of annual reports, research compendium in Bangla & English.
  • Editing research abstracts & research monograph
  • Publication of magazine, book, research reports, brochures, newsletter.
  • Proof reading in Bangla and English.
  • Coordinating publication layout, design and liaison with press and production house.
  • Development of website content, writing magazine articles and stories for media people.
  • Development of advocacy and communication materials.
  • Formatting and page make-up of reports, journals and books for publication.
  • Translation of various research reports in Bangla and English.
  • Preparation of press release, arrange press conference.
  • Provide support to dissemination and holding of regional and national workshops at different BLCS and HO, coordinate dissemination of RED publications in different workshops and seminars.



Date: March 1997-2004- June 2004

Position: Assistant Editor (AHARAHA the only science weekly of Bangladesh)


Type of business: National Development Organization

Area of work: Media and Communication Division


Major responsibilities:

  • Development of knowledge materials.
  • Regular update of the process of knowledge sharing, capturing, customizing knowledgematerials for various clients and community people.
  • Editing; &Proof reading;
  • Writing articles, features on computer related issues and Information Technology;
  • Page mage –up;
  • Translations of various issues from Internet and various English magazines;
  • Conduct press conference, workshop and seminars.
  • Prepare annual plans, annual reports, workshop, seminar reports, research reports and management activities of the organization and other reporting in English and Bangla;
  • To edit magazine & newsletters, proof reading, page make-up, writing cover story, prepare booklets, posters and translation of various related issue from Internet.
  • Translating training materials & presentations.


Date: Jan 1993- Dec1996

Position: Research Assistant

Employer: Policy Research for Development Alternative

Type of business: Non-profit organization/NGO

Area of work: Research and Evaluation

Major responsibilities:

Writing editorial; Translation, Multi-media script writing; Web page content writing, Research Report writing; Proof reading, Supervisepage make-up of publications; Bring out booklets & Newsletter,

Writing articles on good governance & gender related issues,Maintain liaison with GoB, NGOs, donors and international agencies.



List of publications/writings

  • Pasha A. Does The cyber crime (In Bangla) UNMOCHON.com18 Sep 2013.
  • Pasha A. Does Does animal can alert people on earthquake in advance? (In Bangla) UNMOCHON.com30 Aug 2013.
  • Pasha A. Does How practical is the nuclear power plant in this country? (In Bangla) Jugantor16 Aug 2013
  • Pasha A. Skills involved to make our brain more active and efficient (In Bangla) zero2inf.com10 Aug 2013.
  • Pasha A. Living condition of floating population (In Bangla) Samakal23 Jan 2011.
  • Pasha A. Intellectual property rights, economic development, and information technology: Bangladesh perspective. Bangladesh ICT4D Network, 23 Dec 2007.
  • Pasha A. Role of IPR in the development of ICT. Bangladesh ICT4D Network, 09 Dec 2007.
  • Pasha A. Shadeshekhonkemoncholche (In Bangla). AishobDinrath, issue-2, Nov 2007.
  • Pasha A. Women and information technology (In Bangla). Fortnightly Anannya, issue-23, Oct 2006.