Abu Nasar Md. Mahfuzur Rahman

Abu Nasar Md. Mahfuzur Rahman is a Programme Coordinator, Data Management Unit of RED. He has 24 years of work and consultancy experience in data management and processing, computer programming, designing and system development in national and international agencies. Assist different studies, in questionnaire design, help develop and fine tune data analysis plan, data input system development and aid in preparation of an analysis plan with mutual consensus of researchers according to the objectives of the study. Conduct and supervise data collection, data input system design and perform statistical analysis as researcher of various studies. 

Name : Abu Nasar Md. Mahfuzur Rahman
Mailing address
  : House-3, Road - 9, Block A (lst floor)
                                              Noboday Housing
                                              Dhaka 1212

Telephone :    +88 02 9881265 (Ext. 3717) +88 01715028195

E-mail : mahfuzur.r[at]brac.net, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date of Birth
:    January 1, 1966

Nationality : Bangladeshi

Education :

MSc in Physics from Jahangirnagar University(1986)

Masters in Computer Application (MCA), Comilla University, Dhaka Campus.

Work Experiences

Date :May 2008 to date
Position : Programme Coordinator (PC)
Employer : BRAC
Type of business : Non-profit organization/NGO
Area of work : Data Management, Analysis and Survey Coordination
Major responsibilities : Coordination of Data Management Unit. Play a lead role in survey coordination, questionnaire design and revision,  data processing, data analysis across various disciplines. Also conduct training sessions focusing on data management issues including data processing, data analysis and necessary measures for ensuring data quality and consistency.


Date : November 2004 to April 2008

Position : Consultant

Employer : International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Type of business : Agricultural research institute

Major responsibilities : Assist different social research studies, including help in questionnaire designing, develop data analysis plan, data input system development, preparation of analysis plan with researchers according to the objectives of the study, output generation and graphical presentation according to the plan.


Date :  May 2, 1995 to June 30, 1998

Position : Systems Analyst

Employer : Save the Children/USA (SC)

Type of business : International Non-governmental Organization (NGO)

Major responsibilities : Tasks included overall management, operation and supervision of SCF's Program Management Databases and to Work as a Network Administrator of Save the Children's LAN, Novell 3.12 system and be also responsible for maintenance of all SC Computers, including basic preventive maintenance.

  • Perform computer based statistical analyses (both descriptive andmultivariate) of field level data. Responsibilities specifically included computation and analysis of field level data, preparation of statistical tables using both descriptive and multivariate analyses and graphical representation of the end results using SC's database, for the purposes of program monitoring and research. Also supervise the use of other existing SC databases.
  • Responsibilities included conducting in-house computer trainingprograms and training field staffs for data collection, reporting andinterpretation of reports.
  • Responsible for developing any new computerized systems requiredfor Field Office management and program or financial monitoring.


Date :    September 1993 to April 1995

Position : Software-in-charge

Employer : Integrated Computer Services (ICS)

Type of business : Software development house

Description of duties : Develop program for data input system and data management. Also worked as an instructor for teaching usage of data & word processor and computer programming language.


Date : August 1992 to August 1993

Position : Programmer

Employer : Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)

Type of business : Research Organization

Major responsibilities : Design and develop programs for a research project titled "Family Structure and Change in Rural Bangladesh", under BIDS Research Fellow and Project Director, Dr. Sajeda Amin. Assignments included building a complex Database Design, Programme Development, data analysis with Graphical Representation and data linking. The research included analysis of socio-economic and demographic data from an intensive, prospective study in two rural areas.


Date : June 1990 to July 1992

Position : Programmer

Employer : Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services (BETS) Ltd

Type of business : Consultancy

Major responsibilities : Worked as a Computer Programmer in the project titled "Mathematical Model Study of Pussur-Sibsa River System and Karnaflli River Entrance", a joint venture of Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI),Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services (BETS) Ltd from August '90 to January '92.


Job responsibilities included processing of various data like discharge, salinity, current, longitudinal profiles, suspended sediment (concentration, Andersen tube, and bed material), water level,bathometry float tracking etc.

  • Developed a “BETS Project Monitoring System “using CLIPPER 5.01.
  • Developed a “BETS Bulletin Management System “usingdBASE IV.
  • Developed a “BETS Library Management System “usingdBASE III'



Worked as a free lance consultant: July 1998 to October 2004


Date : August 2000 to October 2004

Position : Data Management Consultant

Employer : Socioconsult Ltd. Dhaka

Type of business : Consultancy


Date : July 1998 to December 2001

Position : Data Management Consultant

Employer : Data Analysis and Technical Assistance (DATA) Ltd.

Type of business : Consultancy


Date : December 1999 to March 2000

Position : Consultant

Employer : Services and Solutions International (SSI)

Type of business : Consultancy


Date : May 1999 to August 1999

Position : Project monitoring and evaluation consultant

Employer : Intermediate Technology Management Group (ITDG ), Bangladesh

Type of business : International Non-governmental Organization (NGO)


Date : March 1999 to September 1999

Position : Data Analyst

Employer : Bangladesh Consultants Limited

Type of business : Consultancy


Date : August 1998 to December 1998

Position : Data Analyst

Employer : Uniconsult International Ltd.

Type of business : Consultancy


Date : April 1994 to April 1995

Position : Part-time Programmer

Employer : The Population Council

Type of business : International, non-profit & non-governmental organization