Abdul Bayes

Professor Abdul Bayes has joined as Director, BRAC Research and Evaluation Division on 01 June 2015. Before joining BRAC he has been serving as a professor in the Department of Economics, Jahangirnagar University. Earlier, he was the Vice Chancellor of Jahangirnagar University and chairman of Bangladesh NGO Foundation. He has more than thirty seven years of experience in research and consultancy with IRRI, ADB, World Bank, Danish embassy and The Netherlands embassy. He has authored several books, articles and has a long list of journal publications to his credit. He did his M. Eco. From the University of New England (UNE), Armidale, Australia and also from Dhaka university. He has a post graduate, diploma in economics from the Australian National University (ANU), Canberra. His research interest includes Agriculture, International Trade (Exchange Rate, Industry Policy), Rural Development and Rural Livelihoods


Date Of Birth: 12 September, 1949

Present Position: Professor, Dept. of Economics, Jahangirnagar University (JU),  Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Telephone/Email Address: Mobile: 01711564547, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.       


M.Ec., University of New England (UNE), Armidale, Australia, 1985

Post Graduate. Dip in Economics, Australian National University (ANU), Canberra, 1983

M.A. (Econ), Dhaka University, Bangladesh, 1971

B.A. (Hons.)(Econ.), Dhaka University, 1970



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Consultant, BRAC, 62 Village Survey 2013-2015

Consultant, IRRI, 2003 on Impact Assessment of Seed Health on Rural Livelihoods

Consultant, ADB on Impact assessment of gas on poverty reduction, 2005, 2007 and 2008

Consultant, World Bank 2002, on South Asian Trade

Consultant, World Bank, 2003 on India Bangladesh Trade

Consultant, IRRI, 2004, on Poverty

Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Development   Research, Bonn, Germany, 1999 on Village phone.

Consultant, World Bank, Dhaka Office (Study on Trade Liberalization: It’s Pace and Impact) 1998

Consultant, World Bank Dhaka Office (Study on Suppliers Credit), 1999

Consultant, Bangladesh - Canada Agriculture Sector Team (AST/CIDA), 1986-88.

Consultant, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), June-September 1990.

Consultant, Mott MacDonald International, 1992.

Consultant, Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI), 1992.

Consultant, Danish Embassy, 1994.

Consultant, Netherlands Embassy, 1995.

Research Associate, Rural Industries Study Project, Bangladesh Institute Development Studies (BIDS), October 1978 - September 1980.


Employment History:          

Professor since 1991

Associates Professo (1987-1990)

Assistant Professo (1981-1986)

Lecture (1975-1980)

Assistant Research Officer, Bangladesh Bank, (1974-75).


Positions HELD AT JU:

Vice Chancellor, 200-2001

Pro Vice Chancellor, 1999-2000

Treasurer, 1997-1999

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, 1994-1996

Chairman, Dept. of Economics, 1991-1994

Director, Centre for Human Resources Development, 1997-1999

Senate member, JU

Dean of Business Studies Faculty, JU (tentatively, 2010-2013)

Syndicate member, JU



Member, Panel of Economists for Fifth , Sixth and Seventh Five Year Plans constituted by Government of Bangladesh, 1996-2015

Member, Securities and Exchange Commission

Member, Task Forces Constituted by the Care Taker Government, 1990.

Chairman, Bangladesh NGO Foundation (2010-2014)


Research Specialization:   


International Trade (Exchange Rate, Industry Policy).

Rural Development and Rural Livelihoods


News Paper ARTICLES:

About 1000 articles have, so far, been published in English and Bengali National Dailies. At present, writer of the Sunday column in the Daily Star: Beneath the Surface" and Regular Contributor to Bhorer Kagoz-a celebrated Bengali National Daily. Most of the Articles relate to Agriculture, Rural Development, foreign aid, Trade and other Socio-Economic aspects.


Research Reports/ Papers COMPLETED:

 2007: Impact of gas supply on poverty, a report prepared for ADB.

2005: Piped gas and poverty reduction, report prepared for ADB

2005: High Value Agriculture in Bangladesh, report for IFPRI

2004: Informal trade between Bangladesh and India, report prepared for World Bank.

2002: Trade between Bangladesh and Northeast India, report for SEDF/IFC

1998: "Information Communication and Rural Poverty" - A Research project funded by the North-South Center for Development Research, University of Bonn.

1998: "Impact of Trade Liberalization on Industrial Growth" - A Research Project Funded by World Bank.

1997: "Irrigation and Development" - a Research Report Submitted for Center for Human Research Development (CHRD), Jahangirnagar University.

1996 : "Integration of Grameen Bank's Minimalist credit strategy into NGO-Promoted Development Program, Women's Empowerment and contraceptive use in Rural Bangladesh" (with Dr. Ruhul Amin of Morgan State University, USA) - a paper prepared for presentation in the Annual General Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA).

1995: "The External Sector" for the Independent Review of Bangladesh Development (with others).

1995: Women's Empowerment and Fertility in Rural Bangladesh (with Dr. Ruhul Amin.)

1995: "An overview of the VGP programs in Bangladesh", a report prepared for the World Bank, Dhaka.

1995: "Not by water alone - An Evaluation of Chanduna Deep Tube well" (with others), a report prepared for the CHRD, Jahangirnagar University.

1994: Evaluation of Danish Commodity Assistance to Bangladesh (with Jacobson, M).

1993 : "Rural Non-Farm Economy in Bangladesh : A Dynamic Sector or a Sponge for Absorbing Surplus Labor?", (with Dr. Mahabub Hossain and M. Rahaman), A report prepared for and published by the Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion (ARTEP), ILO, New Delhi, India.

1993: "Agricultural Trade and Policy Reforms with Reference to the Formation of Regional Co-operation in Asian and the Pacific", a conference paper written for and presented to First Conference of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economists.

1992: "Impact of Improved Irrigation Management Training Program on Deep Tube well Management Group in 5 districts", a report prepared for MottMacdonald International, Dhaka.

1992: "Tales of Ten Deep Tube wells-Case Studies on Deep Tube wells", a report prepared for Mott MacDonald International.

1991: "Socio-Economic Impact of Minor Irrigation Facilities: Experiences with North-west Rural Development Project" (with Sayeduzzaman), a report prepared for Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), Dhaka.

1991: "Identification of Employment Opportunities in the Formal Sector of Bangladesh", a report prepared for the Employers' Association of Bangladesh.

1988: "Wheat Seed Demand for 1987-88 Seasons"- for Ministry of Agriculture.

1988: "Betagi-pomora Project for the Landless-Is the Model Replicable?", for the Ministry of Agriculture.

1987: "Landlessness in Rural Bangladesh - An Examination of Major Issues", for the Ministry of Agriculture.

1987: "Flood 1987 - A Socio-Economic study (with others)", for the Ministry of Agriculture.

1987: "Demand for and supply of Edible Oils in Bangladesh", for AST/CIDA.

1986: "Rural Industries Study Project - Study on Rural Industries in Bangladesh" (with others) for BIDS.

1995: An Evaluation of Dutch Commodity Assistance to Bangladesh (As local consultant with Timmer R. and Maaike Oosterbaan from Netherlands).

1995: Dhaka: Women's Empowerment and Fertility in Rural Bangladesh - Paper presented at a Seminar organized by the Center for Human Resources Development, 23rd August.


Conference/ SeminarS ATTENDED

2014, (28-30 October): Attended a Workshop on Microfinance and Agriculture

2008: Beijing, China: Rural Poverty and Hunger in Asia

2007: ADB Head quarters, Manila: Agricultural and Rural Development for Reducing poverty and Hunger in Asia: in Pursuit of Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

2005:    New Delhi, India: Rainfed agriculture and South Asia: potentials and constraints, IFPRI

2005:    New Delhi, India: South Asian Trade Policies, World Bank

2004:    Islamabad, Pakistan: High Value Agriculture, IFPRI

2004:    Durban, South Africa: International Association of Agricultural Economists, IAAE

2003:    New Delhi, India: Policy Analysis Network for South Asia (PANSA), IFPRI

2001:    Washington DC, USA: Attended the Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) as designated discussant.

2000:    Cyprus: Attended conference of Association of Common Wealth Universities

2000:    Berlin, Germany: Presented paper during the XXIV Conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, August 13-18.

1999:    Cape Coast, Ghana: Attended a conference of the Vice Chancellors of the Association of Common Wealth Universities (ACU)

1999:    Singapore: Attended a conference of the ACU.

1998:    Washington, USA: Attended ABCDE conference, World Bank.

1997:    California, USA: Presented a paper on "Assessing Impact of Government Policies on Rural Development" An Explorative Study for Bangladesh, XXIII IAAE conference, August.

1997:    Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Attended Mid-Term Review on APREETA Project (ADB)

1996:    Manila, Philippines: Attended a workshop on Environmental Economics Capacity Buildings organized by ADB. 3-11 August.

1995:    Maryland, USA: Visited Morgan State University as the Director of Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD), October.

1994:    Bombay, India: Invited to attend the Platinum Jubilee conference on Reforms in India of the Indian Economic Association, 19-22 February.

1993 :   Seoul, Korea : Agricultural Trade and Policy Reforms in Asia with Reference to the formation of Regional Co-operation in Asia and Pacific - A paper presented at the first conference of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economists, 19-13 August.

1993:    Dhaka: Structural Adjustment, External Sector and the Fourth Plan-paper presented at a seminar organized by the BEA in Dhaka, October 17.

1990:    Dhaka: Structural Adjustment, External Sector and Fourth Plan-paper presented at a seminar organized by the BEA in Dhaka, October 17.

1989:    Dhaka: An Evaluation of the Import Substitution and Export Oriented Industrialization in Bangladesh - A paper presented at the seminar organized by BEA.

1988:    Dhaka: Foreign Policy of Bangladesh -Aid or Trade policy? - Paper presented at a seminar organized by the Society for international studies, Jan. 15.

1985:   Jahangirnagar, Dhaka: Paper presented at a seminar organized by the Department of Economics, Jahangirnagar University.

1984:    Sydney, Australia: paper presented at a seminar organized by the Australian Agricultural Economic Society, February.


Professional Membership  

Member, International Association of Agricultural

Economists (IAAE)

Member, Asian Society of Agricultural

Economist (ASAE)

Member, Bangladesh Economic Association;



Weekly Columnist of the Financial Express-a celebrated national daily;

Countries Visited:  USA, UK, Cyprus, Canada, Ghana, Australia, Netherlands, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Thailand, Singapore, China, Germany, Japan, Combodia, Vietnam.