Understanding Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Rural Women in Bangladesh: Some Illustrations from BRAC HRLS Programme

During the last decade, ADR gained enormous currency in rural development arena as an informal justice institution in Bangladesh and BRAC’s HRLS Programme has contributed in the domain of ADR of Bangladesh significantly. This study explored the contribution of the ADR of HRLS Programme on poor rural women to achieve social justice with the vision to ensure the involvement of the programme more effectively. As the intention of this study is to strengthen the program and enlighten this system with empowerment, right based and capability approach, this study revealed opportunities and constraints. Arguably, ADR provided the functional alternative of Traditional Shalish to the rural poor women. The study considered BRAC-ADR as an effective practice to empowerment of poor women in bringing social justice.

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  • Writer Name: Debasish Kumar Kundu, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Mrinmoy Samadder
  • Published Date: Wednesday, 12 December 2007
  • Country: Bangladesh