Promoting Sustainable Health and Social Behaviour:an Evaluation of the Communication for Development Project in Cox’s Bazar District


Advocacy and communication department of BRAC started Communication for Development project (C4D) in Teknaf and Ukhia of Cox’s Bazar district with a view to improving knowledge level about social and health issues, and changing seven key bahaviours of the villagers including gender relations. This report aimed to measure the extent of change related to the issues mentioned above. Quantitative method was applied to conduct the study. This was a panel survey. Findings show that knowledge level of the villagers increased a lot about health and social issues after the intervention. On the other hand, practice in some health issues for example breastfeeding increased after the intervention but birth registration remained unchanged. The number of people who washed hands properly before eating and after toilet increased after the intervention. But practice in some of the social issues such as corporal punishment and violence against women changed a little despite of the intervention. Therefore, the study suggested continuing the intervention in these areas until the expected results were found.

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  • Writer Name: Md. Abdul Alim
  • Published Date: Sunday, 07 April 2013
  • Country: Bangladesh