Assessing change in women’s lives: A conceptual framework

Part I of this paper reviews existing literature from different parts of the world on women’s status and ongoing studies in Bangladesh on the impact of development interventions on women’s status. The relevance of standard definitions, concepts, and measures of women’s status to the assessment of change in the everyday lives of women is questioned. Part II describes the institutional context of women’s lives in rural Bangladesh and the key clients and variables which determine women’s position relative to men’s position. Part III presents a five-part analytical framework which can be used to monitor the impact of development interventions on women’s lives and to investigate the pathways through which women experience change. And Part IV described a one-year research plan which draws largely on qualitative methodologies to track the processes and to measure impact.

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  • Writer Name: Marty Chen, Simeen Mahmud
  • Published Date: Friday, 03 March 1995
  • Country: Bangladesh