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LANSA-BRAC Publications


LANSA-BRAC Publications

 Fragile Environment, Seasonality, and Maternal and Childhood Undernutrition in Bangladesh. By M. Mohsena, B. Chakraborty, M. Hossain, A.N. Mahfuzur Rahman, A. Bayes. 2016 Download report

 Journal Article:  Fragile environment, seasonality and maternal and childhood undernutrition in Bangladesh. By M. Mohsena , M. Hossain , B. Chakraborty, A. Bayes and A. N. M. Rahman. 2017. Biosocial Science Journal Link

 Does Agriculture Promote Diet Diversity? A Bangladesh Study. By M. Hossain, N.A. Jimi, M.A. Islam. 2016. Download report

Review of Agri-Food Chain Interventions Aimed at Enhancing Consumption of Nutritious Food by the Poor: Bangladesh. By M.S. Islam, M. Abid-Ul-Kabir, B. Chakraborty, M. Hossain 2017 Download report

Farming systems for improved nutrition: A formative study. By B. Chakraborty, F. Akter, U.S. Mukta, M. Hossain. 2017. Download report