The Role of BRAC Seed on Livelihood Changes



As food prices rise and climate change effects on food security, development of agricultural productivity has become the key issue all over the world. To achieve high crop productivity, use of appropriate quality seed is one of the essential factors, which leads to ensure high yield and alleviate rural poverty. This paper aims to reveal firstly; the farmers’ perception and satisfaction of using BRAC hybrid seeds in the stage of purchase, germination, cultivation, profitability, consumption, harvesting and marketing, and women participation in post harvest operations, secondly; how these understanding would contribute to farmers’ livelihood improvement. The study conducted during November 2012 to January 2013. Major instruments of data collection were- Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Key Informants interviews (KIIs). Data was collected from Bogura and Gopalganj districts of Bangladesh. The result showed that local Agroecological conditions and farming systems determine the demand for different types of seed. Farmers have specific reasons for preferring HYV and hybrid seed in different seasons. The commercial factors which drive farmer decision to buy hybrid seed was mainly duration of crop varieties, inputs cost and output price. The farmer cultivates hybrid for commercial and HYV/Inbred for consumption purpose. Hybrid varieties germination was sensitive to accuracy and timing of to the steps involved. Germination rate was vital and in case of failure, that affects brand reliability. Farmers were not bothered by the price of seed if production is high. Introduction of using hybrid seed changes farmer’s lifestyle and bought sufficient production for yearly consumption. Higher income was deriving by selling hybrid seed production that uses for household development and children’s education. Women involvement at field level depends on household economic condition and socio cultural background. However, the price difference between HYV and hybrid paddy and overall paddy price were crucial to the farmer.

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  • Writer Name: Fathema Zhura Khatoon Rina Ishio Marziana Mahfuz Nandita Md Azhar Uddin
  • Published Date: Wednesday, 07 November 2018
  • Country: Bangladesh