AbstractIodine deficiency persists as a major health problem in Bangladesh. Despite thepresence of a government law that prohibits sale of non-iodized salt, a large volume ofsalt that is available in local market is ‘open’ or non-iodized salt or falsely labeled asiodized. Addressing this, BRAC-HNPP in partnership with Global Alliance for ImprovedNutrition (GAIN), UNICEF, Government of Bangladesh, and Micronutrient Initiatives inBangladesh (MI) initiated an intervention of delivering .......

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  • Writer Name Umme Salma Mukta, Barnali Chakraborty, Sabuj Kanti Mistry, Dr Sayeda Shabukta Malik Dr Md Mahfuzar Rahman and Dr Md Raisul Haque
  • Published Date Wednesday, 18 November 2015
  • Country Bangladesh