Status of Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of Southern Bangladesh: A Population-based Survey

Environmental Science and Technology 2010

Vol - 1


This study explores the status of arsenic contamination in tubewell water in southern Bangladesh. Through a survey of 6,593 households, a total of 3,812 tubewells were sampled at baseline (2006/07) and 3,591 at midline (2009). Households were selected through multi-stage sampling procedure where each sub-district was considered as a cluster. Findings reveal that proportion of unmarked (to identify presence of arsenic) tubewells increased from 80% at baseline to 90% at midline (p<0.001). Proportion of tested tubewells was significantly decreased from 75% at baseline to 69% at midline (p<0.001). Of the tested tubewells, 60% was reported to be free from arsenic contamination. This study underlines that information, education and communication campaigns should be strengthened to raise awareness regarding negative effect of arsenic on health.

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  • Writer Name: Nepal C Dey
  • Published Date: Thursday, 16 December 2010
  • Country: Bangladesh