`Salt is Salt’- Does the Status of Iodised Salt Consumption Change in Bangladesh through Rapid Test Kits Management?


Globally the status of iodised salt consumption is still low (1/3 of the world population).
BRAC started building awareness among people on iodised salt consumption by
introducing Rapid Test Kits to check the presence of iodine in salt among retailers. The
objective of the study was to understand the current situation on iodised salt
consumption and assess the knowledge, perception, practice and awareness of
consumers and retailers regarding consumption of iodised salt. It was a cross-sectional
study and followed a qualitative methodology. Four upazilas from Sirajganj and
Chapainawabganj districts were selected as study areas. The study respondents were
mainly retailers, school children, beneficiaries and members of the programme. The
study revealed that awareness increased among both the consumers and retailers on
iodised salt consumption. Practice is still slow due to cost, unavailability of iodine salt,
low price of open salt, lack of media advertisements and lack of effort from other
institutions on the matter, etc. Awareness of iodised salt consumption is increasing but
still need support from the government in addition to the efforts of NGOs.
Keywords : Iodised salt, rapid test kit, iodine deficiency disorder, salt consumption, Bangladesh

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  • Writer Name: Umme Salma Mukta, Mahfuzar Rahman
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 15 May 2018
  • Country: Bangladesh