Pathways Out of Extreme Poverty: Findings from round I survey of CFPR phase II

The specific objectives of this baseline survey are as follows:

To gather information on various indicators of economic, social and health related issues and create a baseline profile for the targeted ultra poor households

To compare the status of the finally selected or targeted ultra poor households with the other community members such as the non-targeted ultra poor and non poor households
To explore differences between targeted ultra poor households from STUP I areas and STUP II areas

To compare firstly, the finally selected OTUP I households with the OTUP II households and secondly, to compare these OTUP households with STUP II households

To provide information on the profile of the GDBC members and contrast their characteristics with other elites of the community who were not selected as members of GDBC

To prepare a baseline report on knowledge, perception, attitude and behaviour related to gender in the programme areas for future impact assessment of the gender quality action learning (GQAL) component 

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  • Writer Name: BRAC,RED
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 08 September 2009
  • Country: Bangladesh