Discoursing Birthing Care: Experiences from Bangladesh



The book focuses on issues critical to the contemporary emphasis on gender sensitive health care for the poor pregnant women in Bangladesh. The core of the book explores the differing perspectives between rural women and health care providers regarding childbirth care and practices. The study attempts to understand women’s perceptions of birthing care and their practices, the role of culture, socio-economic factors, and household dynamics, as they influence women and their family’s health seeking behaviour. The strength of the present work lies in the clear discussion of the various ways in which rural women tread between so many factors in attempting to make decisions that best suit them within their own limited resources.

The study evolved out of a collaboration between Brac's Research and Evaluation Division & ARROW

University Press Ltd

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  • Writer Name: Kaosar Afsana and Sabina Faiz Rashid
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 13 June 2000
  • Country: Bangladesh