BRACs Cost Recovery Model in Education: A Quick Exploration of Process and Perception

Abstract : Stakeholders’ perceptions were explored regarding cost recovery model of BRAC Primary School (BPS) during the first two weeks of June 2016. Field work was done in 13 branches of BRAC Education Programme (BEP) where 37 field staff, 27 teachers and 36 parents were interviewed, and eight FGDs were conducted with parents and staff. The respondents perceived the new model from their own perspectives which varied from one area to another and from one group of respondent to another. Introduction of monthly tuition fee was broadly accepted by majority of the parents and a good portion of staff also accommodated them with the new concept. However, both of them made some suggestions for keeping BPS competitive with the other primary education provisions in the market. Finally, eight-point suggestions were made for further development of the model.

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  • Writer Name: Rasel Babu, Utpal Mallick, Iftikhar Ul Karim, Durdana Nahid, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Mrinmoy Samadder, Tahsina Naz Khan and Samir Ranjan Nath
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 05 February 2019
  • Country: Bangladesh