Tuesday, 12 December 2017 00:00

Strategic Transformation of BEP: An Investigation into the Process

Strategic Transformation of BEP: An Investigation into the Process


Rasel Babu, Tanjeeba Chowdhury, Utpal Mallick and Md. Iftikhar-Ul-Karim


Date: 13 December 2017; Time: 02:30 pm to 04:30 pm; Venue: RED Conference Room (15th Floor)


Research Findings Presentation




BRAC has been passing through a strategic transformation. BEP is coping with this transformation process through shifting its operational approach from philanthropic to cost recovery and enterprise modes. Keeping the big transformation in mind BEP has prepared its own Annual Operating Plan (AOP) and strategic implementation plan. These brought operational changes at the field level. BRAC’s Executive Director realized the importance of documenting the transformation process and assigned this responsibility to RED. In response, RED dedicated four researchers of Educational Research Unit to document the process. The researchers observed the overall process since February 2017 and participated in various events of BEP. The documentation aimed to cover process related overall activities held in head office and field levels. The current study intended to document the activities took place at head office level which broadly covered the formation of AOP-2017 and 2018, implementation plan-2017 and growth plan-2018. Overall findings reveal series of discussion and debate took place while forming AOP. Quality and sustainability aspects of BEP got top priority in the AOPs. Process-related decisions were taken in a democratic way. However, were imposed sometimes. A comparatively less thought-provoking exercise was observed while preparing the implementation plan. Learning from Aarong had been discussed with importance during the implementation plan workshop. A group of hard working staffs, huge exposure in education sector and openness to innovation were identified as strengths of BEP. Major challenges of the process emerged because of insufficient reliable data, staff turnover and projection of growth plan without adequate market analysis