An Inventory of the Development Programmes by Government and Non-Government Organizations in Selected Unions of Matlab (Excluding BRAC & ICDDR,B)

The primary goal of this inventory was to record the programmes and activities run by the government departments, non-governmental and autonomous organizations excluding BRAC and ICDDR,B as well as the banks in the Matlab thana. It was thought that such programmes and activities may
confound the understanding of the contributions made by BRAC and ICDDR,B. Thus relevant information will render a clearer perspective of the development activities.

The government departments, non-governmental and autonomous organizations and the banks whose programmes are covered in this inventory include: Local Government and Engineering Department, Relief and Rehabilitation Department, Bangladesh Rural Development Board, Health and Family Planning Department, Department of Fisheries, Department of Education, Bangladesh Water Development Board, Social Welfare Department, Krishi Bank, Agrani Bank, Sonali Bank and Grameen Bank. The inventory is confined to the period of 1991 to 1994, i.e., the programmes, which were implemented during this period, have been covered here. However, in a few cases it has not been possible to stick to the above time period because of the limitation of data.

The specific objectives of this inventory are the following:

I. Identify the development programmes implemented in the selected unions;
II. Estimate the scale of the programmes; and
III. Evaluate the development implications

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  • Writer Name: Monirul Islam Khan, Mushtaque Chowdhury, Abbas Bhuiya
  • Published Date: Monday, 03 March 1997
  • Country: Bangladesh