Bangladesh: An intervention study of factors underlying increasing equity in child survival

Challenging Inequities in Health, was conceived as a response to the following:

 Concerns about widening “health gaps” both between and within countries;
 A disproportionate research focus on inequalities in health in the “North” to the relative neglect of the “South”; and
 Inadequate analytic tools and pragmatic policies to redress health inequities.

Through a collective effort of researchers and practitioners called the Global Health Equity Initiative (GHEI), a set of in-depth country studies and conceptual analyses on health equity were undertaken. The main findings of this effort are presented in this book with the central claim that issues of equity, or distributive justice, deserve primary consideration in health and social policy deliberations

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  • Writer Name: Abbas Bhuiya, AMR Chowdhury, F Ahmed and AM Adams
  • Published Date: Wednesday, 08 August 2001
  • Country: Bangladesh