Formation of Village Organisations: the First Three Months Working Paper No. 4

This study looked at the process of forming of village organizations (VOs) by BRAC. BRAC organizes the poor by initiating the institution building process through which the formation of VOs takes place. The VOs create context within which mobilization, conscientization, and empowerment of the poor and women take place. The study particularly looked at the events, problems and constraints involved in the formation of VOs.

The study covers the first three months of VO formation. The reason is that at the end of three-month cycle the group members qualify for receiving credit. The credit programme significantly changes the dynamics of VO. The VO members have to perform three important tasks: a) deposit savings regularly for three months; b) complete the social awareness education (SAE) and c) attend VO meetings regularly. Practicing of these three tasks would allow them to learn organizational discipline. The study shows that the VO members acquire new orientation about life. They began to think critically as they could link their abject poverty to the wider structure of the society.

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  • Writer Name: Manzurul Mannan, Mushtaque Chowdhury, Abbas Bhuiya and Masud Rana
  • Published Date: Friday, 05 May 1995
  • Country: Bangladesh