Rapid Assessment Survey of Current Sanitation, Immunization and Contraception Status in Selected Unions of Bangladesh 2006

Since December 2004, BRAC has been implementing a programme with the target of achieving 100% sanitation in all households, 85% immunization of children and 70% use of contraception among eligible women by 2005 in 100 selected unions across the country. A rapid quantitative survey was conducted to assess the impact of the programme covering 480 households that were randomly selected across six division of BRAC health programme.The survey included four types of households: ultra poor, BRAC VO,VO of other NGOs VO, and non-VO non-poor.The study found a significant progress in achieving the target in the mean time. It was found that 89% of the households had the access to sanitary latrine including ring
slab with water seal or without water seal. However, 79% of the household's adult members (both men and women) were currently using sanitary latrine. Still a remarkable proportion of children (<5 years) from all groups (36%) went anywhere for defecation. It was also found that adult and children of ultra poor households defecated anywhere more frequently than all other groups. Data reveal that the programme already covered 84% of immunization of children while 68% of eligible women were using contraception of any kind that is a little away to reach the target by the programme.

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  • Writer Name: Mohammad Awlad Hossain, Ahmed Ali, Nazimuddin Aroj Ali Joarder, Farid Ahmed
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2006
  • Country: Bangladesh