Facilitating Good Governance atGrass Roots: BRAC and the WomenMembers of Union Parishad ?

This study explores the role of NGOs, especially BRAC, in enhancing the functional space of women members in Union Parishad (UP). The study was basically qualitative in nature where respondents were women members, affiliated with BRAC as well as members with no affiliation with any NGO. Here, the determinants of the women members’ winning the election and functional space in UP were compared. Findings show that BRAC provided enormous support to its members in becoming a credible leader to compete in the election and ensure successful participation in UP. In case of participation in UP, BRAC-affiliated members performed better than their non-BRAC counterparts although both faced some common challenges in discharging their responsibilities. The BRAC-affiliated members raised voices against those challenges. Villagers’ discernment was also better towards BRAC-affiliated members in respect to the participation in Union Parishad.

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  • Writer Name: Md. Abdul Alim
  • Published Date: Sunday, 09 December 2007
  • Country: Bangladesh