The Effect of Classification of Nutritional Status on the Interventions Provided in the National Nutrition Program

This exploratory study looked at the process involved in growth monitoring sessions as carried out in the National Nutrition Programme. The specific aim of this study was to identify misclassification of nutritional status of mother and children arising from errors in taking weight and height and its reasons. Data were collected from seven CNCs of the Kapasia conducting growth monitoring sessions during July 17-27, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. In order to show this differences or errors, programme beneficiaries were re-weighed and re-measured by researchers using separate standard equipment directly after the CNP completed these measurements. Forty-five pregnant and lactating women were involved. No significant difference was seen between the weight measurements by the researchers and the CNPs on both of the scales. However, significant differences were seen in case of height measurement (p=0.02). On the standard height scale mean differences was also significant (p=0.004). Using paired t-tests to compare each of the different BMIs obtained for either group showed that there was a significant difference between the BMI for pregnant women calculated by the CNO and the BMI obtained by the researcher on measurements from standard equipment (p=0.012). Information was obtained on 47 children. Classifying the children by nutritional status, 27 were within the normal weight for age and the rest of them were malnourished. Using paired t-tests, there was no significant difference between weights obtained by the CNP and the researcher. A statistically significant difference also was not found between the nutritional status determined by the CNP and the researcher (p=0.208). The
CNPs identified limited time, high workload, and lack of interest from beneficiaries as barriers to their jobs.

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  • Writer Name: Christine M Least, M A Khan
  • Published Date: Saturday, 02 December 2006
  • Country: Bangladesh