Micro Health Insurance (MHI) Pilot of BRAC: A Demand Side Study

The BRAC-run MHI scheme is now 4 years old. The previous reports on Micro Health Insurance of BRAC (MHIB) and the enrollment records from the field shows that even though the rate of enrollment is quite high and reached the target goals, the renewal rate is very low among the village organization (VO) and nonvillage organization (NVO) subscribers. Another striking thing is that despite being completely free of cost, the rate of enrollment among the ultra poor is very low and the renewal rate among them is even lower. These observations motivated the current study to examine various factors related to the operation of the MHI pilot project.

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  • Writer Name: Imran Matin, Nuzhat Imam and Syed Masud Ahmed
  • Published Date: Monday, 12 December 2005
  • Country: Bangladesh