Reflection of Classwise Attainable Competencies at primary Level: An Analysis of NCTB Mathmatics Textbooks

The study tried to make a clear understanding about the consistency of books’ instructions as well as language, graphics and illustration, exercise and activities and some other physical aspects like book size, paper, font, color, etc, were analyzed simultaneously. For this purpose, mathematics textbooks of all five classes were reviewed. Study findings revealed that there was lack of consistency and coherence in the case of reflected competencies. Nonetheless, good reflection of some competencies was found in textbooks. The study suggested that careful attention is required to revise the mathematics textbooks as well as the attainable competencies. The study also revealed that teachers’ guide is the most essential tool to improve teaching learning procedure of teachers and NCTB should take necessary arrangements in this regard.

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  • Writer Name: Noton Chandra Dutta, Rifat Afroze, Shek Ruhul Amin
  • Published Date: Thursday, 02 October 2008
  • Country: Bangladesh