Healthcare provision from static centres and the issue of self-financing: Experiences of selected NGOs

BRAC's involvement in the health sector started from its very inception and expanded over time. Currently, it runs a large Essential Health Care (EHC) programme the primary objective of which is to provide an essential package of health services (similar to GoB’s ESP), mainly through Community Health Volunteers, known as Shasthyo Sebikas (SS), backed up by around fifty-five community based outreach centers (Susasthya, BRAC Health Centre) for secondary referrals services provided through Brac Health Centres (BHCs). This study explores the health intervention experiences of selected NGOs providing healthcare services from static facilities to decide on the feasibility of continuing current services provided through Brac Health Centres (BHCs).

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  • Writer Name: Syed Masud Ahmed
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 12 February 2002
  • Country: Bangladesh