Indirect Technique for Estimating Life Expectancy from Limited Data set of BRAC Female Members

This paper attempts to construct the complete life table (LT) from limited data set of BRAC female village organization members using the INDEPTH model life tables (MLT), and justified the validity of the estimated results. BRAC works with women drawn from the poorer section of the community who are organized into village organizations. The life expectancy at birth of BRAC female members was estimated as 64 years in 1998, which was higher compared to national female population (61 years). The higher life expectancy among BRAC female members indicates that BRAC Development interventions can be a catalytic agent in increasing the life expectancy among poor women in rural Bangladesh. Therefore, this demographic technique could be used for the indirect estimation of life table in any region of developing countries from the Asia and Africa.

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  • Writer Name: M Showkat Gani, AMR Chowdhury
  • Published Date: Friday, 10 October 2003
  • Country: Bangladesh