Conversations with Employers: Exploring Graduate Employability in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi graduate labour market is undergoing quite rapid and dramatic changes.  The increasing importance of the private sector coupled with the intensifying forces of globalisation has considerably changed employers’ needs with regards to graduate employment.  Private sector employers require capable graduate employees in order to maintain international competitiveness.  Changes engendered by globalisation also result in changing notions of employability.  The market responses have included a mushrooming growth of private universities and changing recruitment practices, specifically, the rise of recruitment agencies and a move away from kinship-based ascribed networks to constructed networks.

Our research focuses on the employers’ perspective in this rapidly changing graduate labour market.  We specifically address two questions: What are the generic attributes that employers look for? And how do employers find individuals with these attributes?

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  • Writer Name: mran Matin, Tariq Ali, Paul Wiebe
  • Published Date: Friday, 06 June 2003
  • Country: Bangladesh