Cause and Effect Analysis of Membership Discontinuation: A Case Study

This case study looks into the dropout matter for in-depth understanding of the causes and effect and policy implication of the issue. Two BDP area offices, one from low and one from high NGO concentrated area, were selected. The study shows that the multidimensional reasons interplay, aggravate and give grounds for dropout. Inflexible savings and credit management policy, and various deductions are found to be the most common internecine causes of member’s discontentment and dropout. In spite of long time membership, some members remain vulnerable to big economic and health related crisis and a little shock plunge them into dropout. Some members are also dropping out to join other NGOs to minimize opportunity cost in terms of distance, deductions etc.

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  • Writer Name: Altaf Hossain
  • Published Date: Wednesday, 27 August 2003
  • Country: Bangladesh