Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The BRAC Strategy (Kumarian Press Library of Management for Development)

BRAC has become one of the largest indigenous NGOs in the world since its beginnings in 1979. This book contains an overview of BRAC programmes in credit, education, health, and agricultural extension work with poor communities, and how BRAC is organised. 

It includes:
* The Bangladesh context and impetus for BRAC;
* Theory of development, guiding principles and target strategies;
* Details of BRAC's four main programmes in rural development, rural credit, health and education;
* Describes emergency programmes and BRAC's commercial enterprises;
* BRAC' credit and savings and institutional support to local communities for livestock, fisheries, irrigation, and sericulture practices;
* Otlines the organisational structure of BRAC: support systems, research, evaluation, monitoring, logistics, materials, publications, and computer departments;
* Donors and funding issues.

Management structures and methods within BRAC as a large and complex NGO are explained, including plans for BRAC's work in the 1990s and measuring BRAC's success and the sustainability of its work in the long-term. Status of BRAC programs are presented as they were in 1990-1991.

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  • Published Date: Friday, 01 May 1992