Assessment of Social and Emotional Skills of BRAC Staff





BRAC Learning Division (BLD) has been assigned to design a training programme on social and emotional needs of an individual. Before doing so it is essential to assess those needs. As such this study was undertaken to assess the social and emotional intelligence of BRAC staff. The data were collected from 174 randomly selected staff of BRAC head office (level 9-14, equally distributed by sex) through survey and group interviews. The findings of this study will be used by BLD in designing a training module with support from American Institute of Research. Findings reveal that staff understood their emotions and linking with them, seems motivated in their work, cooperate effectively with their peers. However, they felt a bit difficulty on regulating emotions like anger, tension and stress. Moreover, lack of confidence, nature to avoid disagreement and less relationship management skills (with supervisor) hampered their productivity.


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  • Writer Name: Rifat Afroze
  • Published Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2012
  • Country: Bangladesh