BRAC HIV and AIDS Programme: The Mid-term Evaluation

The HIV epidemic in Bangladesh, from an epidemiological perspective, is evolving rapidly. Considering the situation, BRAC has initiated HIV prevention activities since late 1990s through conducting studies on HIV/AIDS awareness in Matlab. Such studies show a very little proportion of rural people knew about AIDS and a few proportion of them knew about its prevention. In response to that, BRAC Research and Evaluation Division developed and tested a low cost and culture-sensitive HIV/AIDS awareness module which was delivered to couples in Matlab through its grassroots network of women’s credit and development groups, and to adolescents through youth clubs and BRAC school. After piloting the module in Mirzapur and Tangail districts in 2000 for scaling-up, BRAC in 2002, undertook a 4-year HIV/AIDS prevention programme in four other districts targeting the high-risk and general populations. In mid 2005, the programme felt a need for an evaluation to see the targeted effects according to the given timeline in relation to the process and resource invested.

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  • Writer Name: Hashima-e-Nasreen
  • Published Date: Sunday, 14 September 2014
  • Country: Bangladesh