BRAC-Ain o Salish Kendro Joint Legal Aid Programme: A Comprehensive Review

BRAC-Ain o Salish Kendro (ASK) joint legal aid programme was initiated
to promote legal awareness among the poor along with providing them
legal assistance to resolve their problems. This study intended to review
BRAC-ASK joint legal aid programme at different steps of its operation.
Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected for this study. Findings
showed that BRAC staff could develop their capacity to implement the
legal aid programme in an effective way. The programme required close
supervision by BRAC and ASK at its every stage of operation, which a
single PO could not ensure. The programme needed to be held more
workshops and seminars at village level to make the programme widely
accepted by the community people. The programme dealt with sensitive
issues so liaison with the local police and the political parties was
necessary for BRAC staff’s personal security. The activities of panel
lawyers should be strongly monitored. The paralegal sebikas can share only
those activities of legal aid programme which are more convenient to them
compare to other BRAC staff. BRAC members had better knowledge on
different aspects of legal aid programme than that of non-members.

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  • Writer Name: Dilruba Banu
  • Published Date: Sunday, 21 December 2003
  • Country: Bangladesh