Impact Assessment of Adolescent Development Programme (ADP) of BRAC

This research aimed to assess the impact of the Adolescent Development Programme (ADP) of BRAC. Collecting both statistically representative quantitative data and qualitative information from case studies this report made a comparative analysis with the national data of the Bangladesh Adolescent Survey (BAS) 2005.

Findings show how ADP – Adolescent Peer Organized Network (APON) course graduates become empowered in terms of participation in and control over decision making and in nurturing leadership qualities to be the agents of social change. The study also captured how the target groups’ attitudes towards early marriage, dowry, reproductive health knowledge, health seeking behaviour, knowledge on HIV/AIDS along with other STDs, awareness on social and gender perceptions vary from the general adolescents nationally. At the end, APON graduates evaluated the course in relation to their own lives.

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  • Writer Name: Md Mahbubul Kabir, Rifat Afroze, Mahmuda Aldeen
  • Published Date: Saturday, 01 December 2007
  • Country: Bangladesh